A Life in Music

Artistic catharsis as personal growth


Davide Gullotto was born on May 22, 1975, in Cernusco sul Naviglio, a town in the Metropolitan City of Milan.
His encounter with music came at an early age, thanks to his father Antonio's music school, which forged him in an environment that was both didactic and familiar at the same time.

He fell in love with Rossini Overtures at age five, composed small piano pieces at nine, and studied viola at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan at eleven.

The 1990s

As a teenager, he was struck by the energy of Jimi Hendrix, The Police, Sting, and many other Anglo-American artists, so he started writing songs and playing in the first bands, dreaming of becoming a rock star. Thus he suspended his classical studies to fly to London and set foot in the country of rock, riding a visionary and rebellious dream.

A few years later, he began working in various Milanese recording studios for numerous musical productions, mainly pop and instrumental, also learning the art of sound engineering. The recording studio environment was like a second home. In the late 1990s, he spent his time writing and producing music for himself and many independent artists and labels.

The new Millennium

With the new Millennium, he started gigging around rock Milanese venues like The Indian's Saloon, Legend Club, Rockhouse, Scimmie, etc. with various musicians and bands, recording his songs in the studio and gaining valuable experience on stage. As a singer-songwriter, he participated in several national music festivals while also pursuing academic studies at the Music Conservatory as a private student.

In 2011, after graduating in piano, he began his activity with the Italian brand DaG®, the acronym of Davide Gullotto, which passes from artistic training to record production, which today has more than 200 released songs, and from composition to arrangement up to audio engineering.

His latest releases include: "Infinities Collection" (2022), a collector's edition of 16 piano pieces from the album "Infinities" (2019), from which the single "Nocturnal Waves" was taken; "Silent Movies" (2017), the album extracted from the musical reworking of four silent films by the famous American actor Harold Lloyd, for the new Italian collection published by A&R Productions; the single "Amore Sbagliato" (2016), recorded at Metropolis Studio and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, and many others still present in the Discography section.

He has been involved in various artistic collaborations, such as participating as a pianist in Piano City (2018-19 edition), working as a producer and composer of television soundtracks for the Mediaset Group's RTI Music (2005-07), performing as a singer-songwriter at the Girofestival (2004 edition) on Rai 3, and contributing as an author/composer at the Garda Festival (2005-06 edition) on Rai 2. He has also conducted a series of live concert lessons on television for the Lombard satellite channel Milanow (2020).

At present

He has written, produced, and performed music in various genres including classical, pop, rock, jazz, ambient, chamber music, and soundtracks. He is the owner of DaG® Recording Studio and the independent label DaG® Music Production. As a member of SIAE and NUOVO IMAIE, his discography continues to grow.


The musical journey is a path of self-knowledge in the continuous balance between open inspiration and inner discipline, a synthesis between listening to the infinite cosmos in dialogue with human emotions.

"It doesn't matter how many things you do, but how much Faith you place in everything you accomplish."

Davide Gullotto