DaG Studio

Founded in 2006, DaG® Studio is known for producing high-quality and original music. The studio has a strong focus on attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of a project is carefully attended to in a wide-ranging artisanal climate.

Equipped with its music label - DaG® Music Production - the DaG® Studio can now follow and develop an artistic project from the demo phase to the final release of the record, complete with an accompanying video clip.

In over 15 years of activity, DaG® Studio has collaborated with various production companies such as Metropolis, Alari Park Studios, Nautilus, Energy Mastering, AudioMaster, Griffa&Figli Pianoforti, Massive Arts Studios, Blap Studio, etc., and musical organizations such as GiroFestival (Rai3), Il Festival del Garda (Rai2), Avezzano Festival, Mediterraneo Festival, PianoCity, etc. and record labels such as RTI Music (Mediaset), Top Records, Dingo Music, A&R Productions, Music Center, CD Baby, etc.


If you have questions about your musical project or collaboration proposals, write to: production@davidegullotto.it