Support free and independent music

Support the artistic activity of Davide DaG® Gullotto with a free donation. Below is a list of the musical projects that will benefit from your precious support.

Projects in progress
  • Sheet Music Publication: production of musical scores from the 'Infinities' album;
  • Songwriting Anthology: audio restoration of singer-songwriter pop/rock songs, written and produced from mid-1990 to the present;
  • Alza gli Occhi al Cielo: video at DaG Studio of the recording session of the remake of the single;
  • Thinking of Amadeus: 4K video in 18th-century style;
  • New piano album: production of the new piano album;
  • Soundtracks: production of music spots for films;
  • DaG Music Production: restructuring of the label and recording studio for the production and release of new artists.