Silent Movies: credits

℗ April 7, 2017 | ph. Gianluca Colombo
Silent Movies (2017)

10-track album extracted from the musical reworking by Davide Gullotto of four silent films by the famous American actor Harold Lloyd, for the new Italian Collector's Edition 'Preferisco l'Ascensore', released on DVD by A&R Productions. 

Produced by Davide Gullotto at DaG Studio
Piano VST Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D
Supervision by Marco Lacchini at AudioMaster

Copyright © 2017 Davide Gullotto | SIAE
UPC / EAN: 192914656319

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Silent Movies - Davide Gullotto


Silent Movies - Davide Gullotto

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Silent Movies - Davide Gullotto